Friday, January 23, 2009

Reports of my death...

Late last night I had the odd experience of learning that Conservative Campaign Headquarters had announced my death. An email from a senior campaigning official was sent to all London candidates with details of a forthcoming by-election "following the very sad death of their young councillor Nigel Fletcher".

Thankfully, those who know me will swiftly have realised it was a mistake, as the by-election was in another part of London, and my age was given wrongly. The following correction was then circulated:
Whilst it was reassuring for the error to be so quickly rectified, I was still shocked to have the series of emails sent onto me. It seems the person who had died, tragically young, was someone I knew and liked. We were not close friends, but used to meet up at Conservative functions and on the campaign trail. I had no idea he was ill, so I was very sad to read this. I like to think he would have found the mix-up funny, and would be teasing me about my brush with mortality next time we had a drink together. It is perhaps fitting that I'll always have good memories of him, right up this last, strange, encounter. May he rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

It was me who first spotted the error (-: