Monday, June 09, 2014

The people have spoken... and I'm back (on here)

When I ceased blogging on this site nearly three years ago, social media was undergoing something of a major shift.  The rise of Twitter was revolutionising the way those of us with an incurable desire to share our thoughts with the world interacted with the internet.  Instead of posting occasional musings every few days, tweeting throughout the day became the norm.  Whilst many popular and dedicated bloggers stuck with their existing platforms, others like me found they no longer had the time or inclination to blog regularly.

So why am I back?  To be honest, I've missed it.  Twitter is great, and I'm a huge fan - the ability to interact immediately with thousands of diverse and interesting people, and to reach potentially vast audiences, is incredible.  But sometimes, you want to say more.  The only issue was finding an excuse to start up again.

Well, some of you will have noticed that I now have that excuse.  The good people of Eltham North have spoken - and put an end to my time as a Councillor in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  Defeat is always tough, but if you can't take losing, you shouldn't play the game.  It was an honour to serve on the Council for nine and a bit years, and I look back on my time with some satisfaction, and many good memories.  But now it's time to look to the future.

When I blogged as a Councillor, there was sometimes an uneasy tension between advancing a careful political line and being free to say what I wanted.  In the early years I also faced criticism when I dared to blog about things other than local issues.  No longer being an elected representative gives me perhaps a little more freedom.  I remain deeply interested in local issues in what is, after all, my home Borough.  And as an incurable politico, I can hardly forswear all mention of politics.  But I hope to range rather more widely - touching on history, geeky constitutional debates, and whatever other mundane issues take my fancy.  I also make no promises about how regularly I will be posting.  So - let's just see how this goes...

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