Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A very Privy Counsellor

As I noted in my post before Christmas, three Lib Dems, including Deputy Leader Simon Hughes, were made members of the Privy Council earlier this month. This is a great honour in politics, entitling members to call themselves "The Right Honourable" for the rest of their lives. Odd, then, that there has been no formal press notice announcing the fact, and it has gone unreported by the turkey-stuffed and sherry-sozzled mainstream press since I posted the discovery.

Today, however, Mr Hughes is in the news for his new appointment as the Government's 'Advocate for Access'. Nowhere does it seem to have been noted that this new position comes on top of his Privy Counsellorship . In fact, the formal letter from Number 10 is addressed to "Mr Simon Hughes MP", rather than, as it should have been, "The Rt. Hon. Simon Hughes MP". Why the shyness about his new honour?

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