Monday, September 27, 2010

New is the new old

Interesting Dod's fringe meeting at lunchtime today with Hazel Blears, the Mirror's Kevin Maguire, Left Foot Forward editor Will Straw and (making her conference debut), Sally Bercow. Blears announced she will not be standing in the Shadow Cabinet elections, saying she wants to take a bit of time out having felt like a 'hamster on a wheel' as a frontbencher. Significantly, she mounted an impassioned defence of New Labour's focus on aspiration, and described herself as 'old New Labour'. It seems under Ed Miliband that 'New' is already now considered as heretical as 'old Labour' once was. An extraordinary turnaround.

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Paul Webbewood said...

Three members of the panel have serious CVs to their name, but what has La Bercow got other than her surname to merit her presence here and indeed on Any Questions recently?