Friday, August 20, 2010

100 days: Some more changes

OK. so it's rather later than planned, but here's the next part my list of 100 things that are different since the Coalition took power:

34. ASBOs are being abolished
35. Liberal Democrats actually matter
36. Simon Hughes THINKS he matters
37. Following IDS' appointment as Work & Pensions Secretary, he is no longer the only Conservative Leader not to have served as a minister.
38. "New Labour" has been consigned to history by the current leadership hopefuls
39. Diane Abbott has become the first black MP to stand for the leadership of a main UK party
40. ID cards have been scrapped
41. Regional Spacial Strategies have been scrapped
42. 'Cowboy clampers' are being banned
43. Compulsory English language tests for migrants to the UK have been announced
44. The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) is being abolished in favour of a new National Crime Agency
45. Gladstone's iconic Budget box has been retired by the National Archives, making George Osborne the last Chancellor to use it.
46. Gordon Brown has vanished from Westminster after 25 years on the front bench
47. The Prime Minister and Chancellor are good friends, and actually work together.
48. There are FAR too many MPs younger than me...
49. When the Prime Minister goes on holiday, he looks like he is actually enjoying himself
50. There is more money for heritage projects, as the Government decides to restore the Heritage Lottery Fund's higher portion of lottery funds

...I could go on (no, really, I could - do you want to hear about the Future Libraries review? The new Task Force on Farming Regulation?) , but I've spent FAR too long on government websites and reading news reports already. I think my original point is made: The coaltion's first 100 days has resulted in some real changes - things that wouldn't have happened under the previous government, or (some of them) under a majority Conservative government. The political landscape has changed significantly already, and the potential for even more far-reaching changes during the rest of the coalition's term of office is substantial.

(And a note to self: Don't promise to write huge long lists without setting aside time to finish them...)

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