Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Willetts turns the tables

My first political campaign was standing as Conservative candidate in my college's mock election, which coincided with the General Election of 1997. Not a great year for the Conservatives, that one - and indeed I came third after the Lib Dems and Referendum Party (but beat Labour and the Socialist Labour Party...).
My local MP then was David Willetts, and I helped out on his campaign in the Havant constituency. Despite the Labour landslide nationally, David held his seat, and I later worked for him in Westminster. My parents still live in his constituency, and I usually make a point of going to help him out for a bit at every General Election. This has been the first campaign since 1997 I haven't done that, given the tough fight we've got here in Eltham, so I was delighted that David came to us yesterday to support David Gold and our Council candidates. He may be the last Shadow Cabinet member to come to see us before voting begins tomorrow, and I'm pleased to have had a reminder of where it all started for me.

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