Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Change at Eltham

Day one of the campaign saw lots of activity in Eltham, with activists at all the main stations handing out leaflets and talking to commuters as they came home from work. Labour MP Clive Efford and his pals were also there, standing right in front of the exit in a frankly rather intimidating way!

This Labour bunch didn't seem very happy, and oddly, none were wearing red rosettes. Shamefully, their leaflets were designed to look like Conservative literature, using the same shade of blue, and with a big picture of David Cameron and George Osborne on the front, and a set of negative attacks. Many commuters were confused, having to look twice at what they'd been given when we handed them a "real" Conservative leaflet with the positive reasons to vote for change.

After about an hour Mr Efford and his team gave up, and walked off. I asked him why it was that our leader rather than his was on his literature. "You'll find Gordon on all my leaflets" he replied (although the Prime Minister was relegated to a small picture on the back on the ones he'd just been handing out). "And on the side of our campaign office" added one of his colleagues. Indeed he is - and I hope the thought of five more years of him will weigh heavy on all who see it.

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