Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Severndroog Castle

I was delighted to see last week that Severndroog Castle on Shooters Hill has received Lottery Funding towards its long-awaited restoration. I have been a supporter of the project and the Preservation Trust's work since I fought my ill-fated by-election campaign in Shooters Hill ward in 2004. I still remember when, shortly after moving to the area, I stumbled across the Castle, having had no idea it was there.

Since then there has been the "Restoration" TV programme which raised awareness of Severndroog's plight, more funding bids, and now finally it looks like the plans will become a reality. It is truly a hidden gem which deserves to be fully enjoyed by local people, and if you've ever been there on one of the Trust's open days when it is open to visitors, the queues are testament to it's popularity. The views from the roof are stunning, even for someone like me who isn't good with heights!

Simon Emmett, one of the Conservative candidates in Shooters Hill, along with Maureen Burgess and Richard Chandler, have been been supportive of the campaign to get the Castle restored, and have highlighted the sad fact that it was the Labour Council who allowed it to fall into disrepair in the first place. In Eltham North we have a particularly personal link with its history, as my colleague Cllr. Dermot Poston used to work there during the school holidays when he was young, with duties including raising the flag in the mornings!
The Trust still need to raise the remaining funding, and I urge people to help out the "sponsor a brick" campaign.

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