Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On the campaign trail

Although Gordon Brown has yet officially to declare it, the election campaign is to all intents and purposes underway already. Having fixed the blogging function on my phone, I can report that in Eltham our activity is well advanced and we've stepped up the pace since the New Year. On Saturday in Eltham North our Parliamentary candidate David Gold and I were joined by London Assembly member James Cleverly and many other activists for some canvassing in the pouring rain (or, as I inadvertently but aptly put on Twitter, 'canvassinging in the rain...'). It's a cliche to say we're getting a good response on the doorstep, but it is true. Many people feel very let down by politics in general though, and we all have our work cut out to convince them to give the Conservatives the chance to make the changes the country and our Borough needs.

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