Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fire at the Eltham Centre

I've just heard that there was a fire last night at the Eltham Centre on Archery Road, in my ward. It is thought it was caused by an electrical fault, and although the fire was contained and structural damage is slight, there has been severe damage to the building's electrics in places. This means the centre could be closed for some time.

Council staff have been on site today with fire brigade investigators, and a group of senior council officers will be meeting tomorrow after further investigations have taken place to establish the full extent of the damage. It is hoped the library may still be able to open, although this is currently uncertain.

I'm grateful to the Council leadership for passing on updates, and further information will be posted on the website, which currently has this notice posted.


Raven said...

What a shame, for this (generally) wonderful facility, but also for parents in this half-term week! I hope they are able to get it up and running soon, and with as little damage/expense as possible.

Anonymous said...

I think its really sad that this centre has had to close. i have been trying to get my duagher swimming lessons for ages and she has just started. She loves them and they have just rung and said they are moved to Thamesmead!! We wont be able to get there so no swimming lessons!!