Thursday, January 07, 2010

True Grit

After battling into work and back yesterday, I had to concede defeat today with trains failing to run on the Dartford line. I had a long piece of work to do, so stayed home, logged into my work email and got on with it. Fine, until my central heating stopped working. I'm glad to say the 'Doctor Who' approach of delivering a sharp whack to the side of the boilder got it fired up again.

Anyway, I've also been in touch with Council officials to check on the gritting situation, as several people have raised concerns that the operation didn't seem as thorough as it had been earlier in the week. There have also been media stories about grit shortages, so I asked about that too. I've now had this response:

"The Council gritters have been working continuously all week ,at present the situation is as follows...There is more snow forecast for today and the following few days .We are working to the Councils Snow Plan ( this can be viewed on the Councils web site ) we will be salting priority one roads until they are clear and moving onto Priority 2 roads afterwards.The minor roads will be attended to as and when Priority one and two roads are clear of snow and ice.
The footways are being cleared and salted by Cleansweep who are also working to the Snow Plan .We have sufficient salt stocks to deal with the current weather episode and have received further stocks this week"

The snow plan mentioned is available at:

One concern I have is that pavements remain very dangerous. I mentioned on this blog my trek from Woolwich to Eltham before Christmas, and I also slipped over on the way to the station around the same time. Today I've only ventured as far as the local shop, but it was very slippery. The plan shows which roads are "priority one" and which "priority two", which may help you see if your road is supposed to have been gritted. Last night I saw a couple of residents on a road nearby sweeping snow from the pavement outside their own and their neighbours' houses, which made a big difference. They and people doing similar work deserve our sincere gratitute.

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