Thursday, December 10, 2009

Labour's election budget

So now we know what Labour's masterplan for winning the next election is - a shameless return to the class war, soaking the rich and helping the poor. Right?

Well, that's what they wanted us to think. The clumsy (and probably ineffective) raid on banker's bonuses, combined with the uprating of pensions and er, cutting bingo tax, were supposed to be what caught the media and public's attention this morning. Sadly for Labour, we're not completely stupid, so this morning's headlines actually looked more like this:
The papers were able to see immediately what everyone else will now realise: Not only have Labour failed to get a grip on the nation's finances and are continuing to rack up our crippling debt, but they are now targetting ordinary people on modest and low incomes to pay for this recklessness. The rise in National Insurance hits all workers earning over £20,000 - not exactly rich fat cats. It is that -more than the other dodgy tricks (like uprating benefits for an election year only, before cutting them back) - which will anger people most.
All credit to the Conservatives' campaign team for getting this poster out so quickly last night, which sums it up perfectly:

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