Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tory Pride, Labour shame

It says something about how far the Tory party has come in recent years that the only hostility faced by gay Party members attending tonight's Tory Pride party in Manchester came from Labour Party activists who took it upon themselves to picket the event with banners and loud hailers to scream abuse at attendees. All credit to Tory blogger Iain Dale, one of tonight's hosts, who went outside to debate politely with them. He is pictured above with Amy Lame, who was with the LGB Labour lot. He invited her in, but she sadly declined, thereby missing the chance to mingle with Party Chairman Eric Pickles, Thesesa May, and the host of other shadow Cabinet members and MPs who are packing the event. As I type this I'm on the dancefloor dancing to Abba with Anne Milton MP. This is a proud party tonight in many ways.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry what utter rubbish. When at least 70% of your MPs have voted against every single piece of LGBT civil rights legislation since 1997, when your own party leader voted against the repeal of s.28, when your party openly courts extreme right-wing Polish homophobic parties for your special new European group expect the majority of the LGBT community not to be happy with you. To many the concept of Tory pride seems hypocritical in light of these issues and hell, it probabaly deserves to be protested.

Andreas Porter said...

Can i ask, what reason was given for Ben Summerskill not attending th event as promoted?

best wishes