Thursday, October 08, 2009

Let sunshine win the day

Those of you familiar with Conservative literature, and anyone who has been to a Tory event in recent years will be familiar with the images of blue skies and trees which are now used as backdrops for speeches and on printed material. It reinforces the theme of 'change, hope and optimism' with which David Cameron campaigned for the leadership four years ago. Since then, the dark economic clouds have forced a change in tone, with talk of hard times and an age of austerity. This week's conference has been a mix of the two messages, perfectly reflected by the weather, which has veered from pouring rain to bright sunshine. As David Cameron prepares for his speech this afternoon, the word in the press is that he'll be confronting the hard times but looking beyond them to better times to come. That would be exactly the right message- as my picture of the sky above Manchester today illustrates, there are still dark clouds above, but as they clear people want to see sunshine after the rain.

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