Monday, September 28, 2009

Eltham Labour abandons conference
Labour's conference is clearly not a happy place to be, and has hardly been packed out - as shown by the above photo, taken during Alistair Darling's speech.

Labour members in Eltham have clearly joined the exodus. Just before Peter Mandelson's keynote speech, in the debate on Business, Innovation and Skills, the conference chair asked a representative from the Eltham constituency Labour party to be ready to speak. A few minutes later she asked again if there was anyone from Eltham in the hall to take the speaking slot. Answer came there none.

Could it be that Clive Efford is one of the many Labour MPs who have decided not to bother with the conference this year? He would probably be better off focussing on campaigning, to be honest, as my friend and colleague David Gold steps up his campaign to win the Eltham parliamentary seat - today welcoming Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling to a community meeting on the high street to discuss crime.

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