Saturday, August 29, 2009

Her Majesty found in Town Hall cupboard

At a meeting in Woolwich Town Hall earlier this week I was rather astonished to stumble upon a portrait of Her Majesty The Queen, out of sight in a cupboard between the Council Chamber and the Members' cloakroom.
As the picture was on a stand, and there was also a Union Flag stowed alongside, I guessed that it is used at citizenship ceremonies. It does seem rather odd, however, to bring out the Head of State to welcome new citizens, then shut Her away the rest of the time.
I've now written to the Mayor and Council officials suggesting the portrait or an alternative be placed permanently in the Chamber. Admittedly we're not short of Royal images in the Town Hall (Elizabeth I and Henry VIII stare down from stained glass windows and Queen Victoria, in statue form, dominates the main entrance hall) but it is only right that our reigning sovereign should join them.
It would be particularly apt to do so, as Prince Phillip was created Baron Greenwich before his marriage to the then Princess Elizabeth. Given that fact, and the work His Royal Highness has since done in support of the Cutty Sark Trust and the National Maritime Museum, it would be appropriate if he too had his portrait displayed alongside one of The Queen. Let's give Lord and Lady Greenwich the respect they deserve.

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