Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Parents angry at Labour lies

Extraordinary scenes at the Council meeting tonight, as the sitting was abandoned in the face of disruption from angry parents. I arrived half an hour late at the Town Hall, having been detained at another meeting, and found the meeting had already broken up after just 20 minutes.

A large group of parents of children at the Charlotte Turner school, which the Council is closing, were in the gallery to make a deputation, and had also gathered outside the Town Hall to protest. I am told they took exception to 'lies' being told by the Labour Cabinet Member for Children's Services, Cllr. Jackie Smith, and shouted her down. After warnings from the Mayor failed to quieten them, the meeting was abandoned.

I can't condone such disruptive behaviour, and it is wrong for anyone to halt the democratic process by refusing to allow an elected representative to be heard. But it is a measure of the anger that is felt by many parents at the way Greenwich Council has handled this matter.

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