Thursday, June 04, 2009

A house-warming gift.

At the weekend I moved to a new flat in Westmount Road, in the heart of Eltham North. It's also just a few doors down from the Eltham Labour office, meaning I have to suffer the grisly sight of their giant picture of Gordon Brown and Clive Efford as I walk to and from the train station. At the moment that image is probably doing them more harm than good, so I'm content to suffer it. On my doormat this morning was their latest leaflet (above) boasting of their freezing Council Tax this year. Unusually there was no mention of us nasty Tories anywhere on the leaflet. Probably because we proposed a budget that would actually have cut the tax, which is still too high. Come the election, we'll be offering residents more for less, and if all Labour can manage is to keep tax high locally, I look forward to the debate.

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