Sunday, May 10, 2009

Navy returns to Greenwich

It must be a while since there's been such a large Royal Naval presence at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. This weekend HMS Illustrious is in town, marking the centenary of naval aviation. Yesterday, after a morning of campaigning, I was able to join the crowds by the riverside to watch an impressive display by the Fleet Air Arm and their range of Sea King and Merlin helicopters. The picture above shows a patrol vessel playing the part of a pirate boat, which was boarded and 'captured' by Naval personnel descending from above. Impressive stuff, and very relevant at the moment. There were also a range of other aircraft and display stands in the grounds of the Old Naval College, and it was good to see Greenwich's historic links with the Navy refreshed, and so many people enjoying the display. Let's hope for more of this sort of event in future. I'll post a few more photos now.

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