Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's good to talk

A busy weekend, but great weather for it! I went along yesterday to the Council's 'Great Get-Together' event in Eltham, which is one of the series of 'free' activity days the Borough puts on each year. We'll leave aside the political point that they're not free to the taxpayer, and should really be properly sponsored...

Anyway, it was a good atmosphere and well attended, with lots of family activities, displays and stalls by local groups, not to mention the surreal sight of the new Mayor, Allan MacCarthy, trying to hoola-hoop (apologies for the photo, Mr Mayor!). Councillors are invited to attend the 'Talk Cafe' to meet residents, who are able to put comments and suggestions on display boards for the powers-that-be to take note.
I met a number of Eltham North residents who raised issues such as a couple of unwelcome planning applications which you might hear more of in due course. I also noted several comments asking when the old Coronet cinema will be redeveloped. It's had planning permission for some time, but nothing has yet happened, and it looks increasingly messy. I took photos of the comments boards so I can follow these and other comments up (not that I don't trust the Council to do so...)

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