Thursday, May 14, 2009

Greenwich losing out to the competition

Leafing through my copy of Greenwich Time, the Council's propaganda sheet, I was suprised to see the above letter. Whilst congratulating the winner, I did think it a little odd that a non-Greenwich resident will be enjoying a prize offered by the Borough's 'newspaper'. It's bad enough Greenwich taxpayers are having to pay for this vanity publication, but the least we might expect is for Greenwich residents to get the benefit of it's prizes. Surely the competition rules should be amended to ensure only Borough residents are eligible? A small point, but I think this should be addressed.


Anonymous said...

But what happened at the council meeting on Tuesday?

Nigel said...

I've now posted a full report on the Council meeting - sorry for the delay. I spotted the Greenwich Time letter whilst out and about tonight, and couldn't resist quickly posting about it from my phone.