Thursday, February 19, 2009

ThorpeWatch- the wanderer returns! Breaking News: As regular readers of this Blog and the local press will know, the people of Shooters Hill ward have been under-represented by a third for the last year, as one of their duly elected Councillors, Danny Thorpe, disappeared off to Australia. Cllr. Thorpe had wanted to resign his seat, but was asked not to by the Council's Dear Leader, Comrade Chris Roberts.

Speculation was rife about his return this month, as the rules say any Councillor who doesn't attend a meeting in six months forfeits their seat. Six months ago Labour contrived a Council meeting in September, when Council is normally in recess, and paid for their absentee colleague to fly back for it. The next deadline is mid-March, so it was expected he would magically appear for Council next week.

I can now exclusively reveal he is indeed back. Earlier this afternoon I spotted him skulking around the Town Hall (I'm surprised he found it). There is a meeting of the Children and Young People's Scrutiny Panel later this evening - will he show his face? Watch this space.

UPDATE, 9.10pm: Well, Cllr. Thorpe was indeed present tonight at the Committee. After one presentation on child protection, he asked "have there been any Serious Case Reviews in the last year?". Well, if you'd been on the same side of the planet as your constituents, Danny, maybe you'd know.


J J said...

Please make sure that everyone in Shooters Hill Ward knows about the wanderings of their local councillor.

Not everyone has the internet.

Everyone should be aware of the full facts before they are asked to cast their vote at the next council election.

Nigel said...

We will, don't you worry!