Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Political unity through personal tragedy

I was extremely saddened by the news this morning of the death of David and Samantha Cameron's young son Ivan. There is little anyone can say to ease the pain of such a loss, but the outpouring of sympathy from all quarters will, one hopes, be of some comfort to the family.

The decision to cancel Prime Minister's Questions and replace it with short statements of condolence fitted the mood of the House, and Gordon Brown deserves great credit for suggesting it to the Speaker. Mr Brown's tribute was very moving, coming from someone who has himself known the tragedy of losing a child. He and his wife Sarah lost their newborn baby daughter in 2002, and he clearly spoke from the heart when he said: 'The death of a child is a loss no parent should have to bear'.

David and Samantha have nominated Mencap as one of the suggested charities for donations in memory of Ivan. I've just donated online, and you can do so here.

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