Friday, February 27, 2009

Small respite for the taxpayers of Greenwich as last night's Council meeting voted to freeze Council tax bills. My Conservative colleagues supported the Labour budget on the grounds that it's a welcome change for Comrade Roberts and his mob not to be putting bills up. Not before we'd had a go at going one better, though.
Our Group first tabled amendments that would have actually cut tax whilst funding more police by reallocating money from a couple of Labour's half-baked schemes . These were voted down by Labour, so we were left with the zero increase as the least worse alternative. In the debate we were treated to Councillors on the ruling group at their partisan worst, blaming Boris Johnson for all the world's ills and saying only he had responsibility for police. Odd then, that the Dear Leader was posing on the front of last week's Greenwich Time propaganda sheet with the Borough Police Commander claiming credit for the new violent crime unit. One Labour Councillor even said our proposal for more police was right, but 'now is not the time for this Council to pay for it'. Funny they didn't think that way when they funded extra police teams a few years ago when Ken was in City Hall.
It's increasingly clear their strategy is to pursue a political campaign against Boris Johnson's Maxoralty regardless of the effect on the people of Greenwich. Appalling. Boris is of course also freezing his portion of Council tax whilst safeguarding police numbers.

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853blog said...

Which "half-baked" schemes would you have dumped, Nigel?