Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Labour's rubbish policy U-Turn

An interesting meeting tonight at the Town Hall (a sentence you don't often hear). In evidence to a scrutiny panel, it was revealed that the Labour Cabinet last night performed a U-turn on rubbish collection services in the Borough. The controversial system, introduced last year, saw some types of rubbish being collected weekly, whilst others would be allowed to fester for two weeks.

Now it seems the Cabinet have proposed moving back to weekly collection of all rubbish, after 'problems' with a 'significant minority' of residents over the existing system. It always seemed to me that whatever the merits of having a multitude of different-coloured lids on bins, leaving any of them uncollected for a fortnight was never going to go down well. In my mind, most people look to their Council for two main things - schools and bins. We all know Greenwich is a disaster on the first, and messing around with the second looked seriously unwise.

Restoring a weekly collection is a welcome U-turn, but there are still problems. Some houses don't have the right bins, whilst others have three huge ones blocking their pavement and never getting filled. Other Boroughs are having similar issues, with some Councils resorting to fining people who fail to seperate out their waste correctly. I'm glad Greenwich isn't yet contemplating that. But whatever other weighty issues are debated in local government over the coming years, I have a feeling we'll be talking rubbish for some time.

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J J said...

So everyone who just can't be bothered, will put everything in the black top bin, which will be collected weekly.

We are back where we were before the 'green, blue, black' fiasco.

We could have simply saved all the money which has been spent on this rubbish. (Sorry, I couldn't resist)