Friday, February 13, 2009

Greenwich prepares for Change?

I was interested to see this eye-catching paragraph in the minutes of a recent Council committee, which I received today:

I hope someone has told Cllr. John Fahy, the Labour Cabinet Member for Culture and Olympics, that Council officials have written him out of a job already. Of course, as Shadow Cabinet Member for Culture and Olympics, I very much hope to replace him following next year's Borough Elections, and I must admit to liking this vision of the future, even if it is a typo. But let's not get ahead of ourselves!

That aside, the substance of the minutes was my verbal update to the Committee on the scrunity review I am chairing on raising the profile and making better use of our great heritage in the Borough. I've expressed my strong views on the subject on this blog before, and it's satisfying to be able now to lead a project to look into the issue further. It's a non-partisan issue - or at least it should be - and I'm not looking to score points by criticising the Labour administration for the sake of it. In fact I recently had a very productive discussion with Cllr Fahy about plans to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of Henry VIII's accession, which occurs this year. Last year I was concerned at the administration's seeming lack of enthusiasm for marking this event, but I'm pleased to see they are now running with it. I hope they take a similarly constructive view of my heritage review's report, when it is published. Watch this space.

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