Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Swear it all over again...*
It seems I am not alone in being concerned over the US Chief Justice John Roberts' failure to administer the correct oath to President Obama. Some Constitutional experts believe that to be on the safe side, he ought to be given the chance to swear the correct oath. Whilst I believe they have a point, I'm more concerned about reports stating it was Obama who made the mistake, when it certainly wasn't. As CNN's Wolf Blitzer later commented, Roberts "had one job to do today and he sort of screwed up." This blog post includes the CNN discussion, and is worth a look.

Other conspiracy theorists ponder whether it may have been a last attempt by the Republicans to deny Obama the Presidency, pointing out that Roberts is a hardline Bush supporter whose appointment the then Senator Obama voted against.

For those tired of conspiracy theories, there's an amusing parody of such musings at The Spoof.

(* with apologies to Westlife)

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