Sunday, January 25, 2009

Onwards to 2010!

Having reassured people that, contrary to reports, I am alive and well, I'm pleased to now have a new lease of political life. On the same evening as the email confusion, I had the honour of being re-selected by Eltham North Conservative branch to be their candidate for the ward at the Council elections in 2010. The other Conservative councillors for Eltham North, my colleagues Spencer Drury and Dermot Poston, were also reselected.
It's been a huge privilege to have served as Councillor for the ward for the last four years, and to have been elected twice by the people there. One thing I did say to my local party, however, is that the experience of being a local councillor in opposition can be frustrating. For all the minor victories and the satisfaction of being able to help individual constituents with complex problems, you soon realise that major change locally can only be enacted by those in power in the Town Hall.
Labour have neglected Eltham, and mismanaged the Borough as a whole. My experience so far convinces me all the more that we need change at the Town Hall, and a new Conservative administration. Bring on 2010!

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