Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eltham lights up

Well, Christmas must nearly be upon us- in the last week I've been to two festive light switch-ons. Tonight was the annual 'Eltham Lights Up' event, with a lantern parade of local school children and a firework display in the high street. All very enjoyable, and a nice diversion at a time of gloomy weather and even gloomier economic conditions. We councillors were also able to chat to residents in the 'Talk Cafe' tent, where a host of comments (mostly complaints) were also sorted on the discussion boards. I'll be asking at the next Council what will happen to these- in past years we haven't been entirely sure that they weren't taken down and ignored.


offord's unbiased buttocks said...

Too many negatives there Nigel. Better to say that most people are almost sure the comments slips are taken down and ignored.

J J said...

Why oh why, do you not make more out of the fact the Councillor Danny Thorpe is in Australia

Or do you not care about Shooters Hill Ward?