Friday, October 03, 2008

The deckchair shuffle

Oh the fun of Cabinet reshuffles. I well remember waking up bleary-eyed after the night of the local elections of 2006 to find my then flatmate staring in disbelief at the TV as it relayed news of Margaret Beckett's elevation to Foreign Secretary. "I think I'm still drunk!" was his take on it. Well, she's back again, so we're told.

I said to someone yesterday that if Brown were sensible he'd confound expectations of a minor reconstruction and make some dramatic changes (should have blogged that, really!) Well, they don't come much more dramatic, at least to the Westminster village, than re-appointing his old enemy Peter Mandelson. Mandy's old gopher Derek Draper has been whoring himself on the airwaves telling the world this is a masterstroke and that Labour and Britain should 'rejoice' (yes, he really used the word). Absolute tosh. The media are already licking their lips at the prospect of renewed infighting to come, and once the novelty wears off, I predict trouble ahead...

Good to see the Downing Street website actually admitting there is a reshuffle underway, though.

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