Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sharing the pain

The turmoil in the money markets looks likely to overshadow this year's conference, making a change in tone necessary. David Cameron made an unscheduled address to the conference this morning offering to work with the Government on tackling the crisis. As the BBC's James Landale said, oppositions can only speak, so that's what David Cameron has done. It fits with the overall theme of the week, that of projecting a competent and responsible government-in-waiting. That task has been made more important by the current situation, and unwelcome polls showing Gordon Brown is more trusted on dealing with the crisis. As for me, I'm sharing the pain quite literally. I woke up feeling dreadful this morning, aching all over and generally feeling very weak. As I haven't been drinking, I fear it's the dreaded Conference cold. I abandoned my plans for the morning and have had a lie-in, in the hope of being able to get back on schedule later this afternoon. In the meantime I'll post a few more thoughts from yesterday...

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