Friday, September 26, 2008

Noble defeat in Plumstead

Disappointing news in the Plumstead by-election in Greenwich yesterday, as Labour held the seat. Frankly, if we'd won it would have been a major blow to them, but in the current climate anything's possible, and we tried our best. Our candidate Toks Bailey in particular was an energetic campaigner, and I hope she will join us on the Council in the future. We had huge support from activists, with several dozen regularly out leafletting on our action days. But in the end victory eluded us. We're obviously disappointed, but I guess it's a sign of the times that Labour celebrate holding onto one of their safest seats. Onwards!


sam said...

Labour didnt just hold on.

They increased their share of the vote and achieved a 6% swing from the Tories. How come this was not mentioned?

And all this in spite of the fact that the Tories are 20% ahead in the polls...

sam said...

Well i appreciate your honesty by printing my response and not cutting it as you didnt agree with it.

But on a genuine point - why do you think the Tories performed so badly in Plumstead?

You have to admit it was a poor result.

Nigel said...

It was certainly disappointing for us, but Labour in the area did a good job in getting out their vote, and have the campaigning infrastructure to pull out all the stops for a by-election. I would also point out that the Lib Dem vote collapsed, which seemed to benefit Labour, but our total vote was well up in a ward where we polled just 200 votes and came third in the last by-election. But excuses aside, we're in the business of winning, so obviously it wasn't the result we wanted.