Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Season, New Blogging
After a longish break, I've been prompted to resume blogging by the beginning of the new political season, heralded by the Party Conferences. I am currently watching Gordon Brown in his 'make-or-break' performance in Manchester, and, whilst it may be that I'm still suffering from a cold, I'm feeling rather drowsy and nauseous.

'Global age'...'tough times'...'new world'...'British Century'(!?), 'The fair society'...

It really hasn't inspired me (unsurprisingly), and I don't think it will convince the many doubters in his own Party that he has really listened to their concerns. It was bullish to the point of aggression, displaying his now familiar petulence. 'I'm here, yes it's tough, but get used to it.' seemed to be his message to the country and his long-suffering troops.

The highlight was actually before the speech even began, with a surprise appearance from Sarah Brown to introduce her husband. She got a great reception, and let's face it, she deserves all our sympathy...

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