Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Let freedom rain (sic)...

A popular feature of this conference has been the 'Freedom zone' round the back of the conference centre, which bills itself as a mini-conference with fringe events on the theme of civil liberties. Speakers have included David Davis, John Redwood and Bloggers Iain Dale, Guido Fawkes and Dizzy. It's what some Tories would call 'sound'- a festival of anti-political correctness. Tonight's event certainly lived up to that, with a champagne reception sponsored by Forest, the pro-smoking lobby. The venue had a large courtyard to allow guests to puff away, and despite the rain it was a very jolly affair. I was also very pleased at their free gifts- copies of Orwell's 1984, which I read at school but haven't owned. Should keep me busy on the way home tomorrow.

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