Thursday, July 03, 2008

Save Greenwich Borough FC!

This is an incredible story for anyone who has heard Greenwich Council's rhetoric about its commitment to community sport as an Olympic Borough.
It seems our dear Council, as landlord, is evicting the local community football team which shares its name, its crest and much of its history. By any standards it sounds a crazy decision, and I know the Club are very unhappy with what has been going on. Other reports on the situation can be found here and here.
As a Council, we should be supporting our local sports clubs as much as we can, and for a dispute over rent to escalate to this level, when the Club has apparently offered to buy the freehold of the land seems absurd. If the Council wants the ground for the Kidbrooke redevelopment, they should provide another site in the Borough for the Club - simple as that.
I have been in touch with the Club to offer my support, and with John Fahy, the Labour Cabinet member, to ask what the hecking crikey has been going on, and I will be pursuing this strongly.

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