Thursday, June 26, 2008

Celebrating Greenwich heritage

Some very pleasing news from last night's Council meeting, where an unusual outbreak of cross-party consensus saw the motion I proposed passed unanimously. I was calling on Council to commit to putting our great history at the centre of our vision for the Borough and what it offers in the future. Specifically, I wanted a resolution requiring the Council to draw up plans to mark the 500th anniversary of the accession of Henry VIII, which occurs next year. I pointed out the stained glass windows that look down on us in the Council chamber depicting King Henry (above) and Elizabeth I. My colleague Councillor Coombes noted that as the latter is above the Labour benches, we on our side are faced with a stern and formidable woman every time we speak- and he didn't just mean Cllr. Maureen O'Mara. I rather fear Cllr. O'Mara will now be known as 'Gloriana' for the rest of her time on the Council, but she took it with good humour. We had a very positive debate, with some serious and thoughtful contributions on all sides, and I look forward to taking the issue forward. More on my specific ideas later...

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