Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Greenwich goes Blue!

Bad news for Comrade Roberts and the Greenwich Labour Party. According to the ward-by-ward breakdown of the Mayoral election, Boris Johnson WON the People's Borough of Greenwich. It is an extraordinary result for this Labour stronghold, which has been under Labour control since 1972. The figures are:

Ken Livingstone: 27,651

Boris Johnson: 27,978

A slim margin, but this bodes very badly for Labour in Greenwich. On these figures, ex-cabbie MP Clive Efford will be back on the streets, and Chris Roberts will be contemplating the first Conservative administration in the Council Chamber for 36 years. Happy days. I actually saw Boris last night at a party and showed him the figures - he was pretty amazed.

Much credit must go to my friend and colleague, Councillor Andy Jennings, who ran an excellent campaign in Greenwich and Lewisham, and by all accounts gave Len Duvall a fright at the count as the votes were totalled up. In my ward of Eltham North we ran a big Get Out the Vote operation, and I'm very grateful to everyone who helped us out there. Onwards to 2010!

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't Boris's head mask the fact that there are still nine red wards versus eight blue?

Remarkable result though in Eltham West even if Duvall beat Jennings in the Assembly votes.