Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Brown's authority melts like wax...

As a poll finds more than half of Labour voters want Brown to quit, there is now a further blow to his authority. After a report last month that Madame Tussauds were not planning to make a waxwork of the Great Leader, they have now decided to put the question to the public vote with an online poll.

Whilst it gives the PM a slim hope of taking his place (and expect a determined effort from Labour HQ to get their members to vote), it is rather a humiliating position for him to be in. As Tussauds themselves say:

'When Gordon Brown took over from Tony Blair last year, for the first time in a 150 year history, Madame Tussauds took the decision not to immediately create a figure of the current Prime Minister. Instead we chose to wait for a General Election to confirm Gordon Brown’s status. Ten months later there is still no sign that Mr Brown intends to go to the polls – so Madame Tussauds is holding its own election...'

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