Friday, March 28, 2008

Get Lost, Gordon!

It's been written about quite a bit, and I'm sure the morning papers will have further fun with it, but one of the highlights of President Sarkozy's visit so far has undoubtedly been the latest adventures of Gordon "Macavity" Brown, the amazing disappearing Prime Minister.
For those who may have missed the story, it happened at Wednesday night's State Banquet at Windsor. The PM (who is rather unfamiliar with the protocol, having sulklily refused to attend such events as Chancellor) got in a muddle about where he was supposed to be at the start of the meal and missed the photocall with Her Majesty and the President.
Number 10 now claims he was misdirected by a Royal aide, but whatever the truth, The Queen was clearly amused. A microphone picked up the following exchange at the table:
The Queen: 'Well, the Prime Minister got lost - he disappeared the wrong way round...
The Princess Royal: ' the crucial moment.'
President Sarkozy: 'C'est Gordon.'

Some have attributed 'crucial moment' to The Queen, but after viewing it carefully it is clearly the end of Princess Anne's remark (which sounds like "...suddenly ran off at the crucial moment"). I don't know which is more funny - the mental image of Brown blundering around the dining table trying to find his place or the President's witheringly accurate assessment of him. I'm sure all three will be mortified to see their private remarks made public, but I think it's a joy to watch.
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