Wednesday, November 14, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Greenwich Labour needs a spinner

So, you're an increasingly unpopular Labour Council, you face criticism for poor services, ignoring the plight of residents and being generally out of steam after three decades in office. What do you do? That's right - appoint a new political hack to help you cling to power.

Greenwich Labour Party is advertising for a "Borough Organiser" to help them "maximise the electoral representation of the Labour Party at all levels in the borough and to promote a positive image of the Party among the electorate" and to "deal with the media and promote the Party in the media". The lucky winner of what will surely be a hard-fought selection process will get to "work closely on a day to day basis with the Leader of the Council or the Deputy Leader", and "report on agreed work priorities to the Labour Group". Given the reported internal tensions in the Group at the moment, that should be fun.

The organiser will also have to "co-ordinate campaigning work with local councillors, particularly in target wards" and "help in ensuring that campaign teams are maintained at ward, constituency and borough level".

If you want to do your bit for defending the indefensible , you must be a Labour party member, and the use of a car is "essential" (I hope they remember that when they're plotting road tolls). I'm sure whoever gets the job will become a familiar figure to readers of certain blogs, and I look forward to seeing who takes up the challenge.


Sat on the Train said...

use of a car essential? surely a lifeboat is more appropriate

Andy said...

"That's right - appoint a new political hack to help you cling to power."

What do you do for a living? Oh yeah - a political hack!

Nigel said...

I could pompously argue I am actually Education Special Adviser to the Shadow Cabinet, but I think 'hack' just about covers it.