Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Brown's "Clunking Fist" fails to strike Cameron

So, now we know. The Emperor has no clothes, the 'clunking fist' which was supposed to demolish David Cameron has failed to strike, etc etc.

I'm not going to overstate it, as all Parliamentarians have good and bad days. But Gordon Brown's first appearance at Prime Minister's Questions really was below-parr, with David Cameron clearly scoring points against him in an exchange which has cheered up the Tory benches after a tough couple of weeks.

For a Prime Minister in the middle of a security alert to use the excuse 'I've only been in the job 5 days' for not knowing the answer to a question is pretty extraordinary, and very weak. Seeing former Home Secretary John Reid 'helping' by offering a better explanation from the backbenches hardly looked good for Brown either. Even Ming Campbell managed a reasonably good riposte to the PM today.

David Cameron's honeymoon lasted 18 months before he hit a rough patch. On the basis of today, Gordon Brown's has not made it to 7 days. Let battle commence.

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