Thursday, June 21, 2007

Opening Night

I was at the Dome (sorry, the O2) last night for the special preview event for Greenwich Borough residents, or as David Campbell from AEG called it, the 'meet the neighbours' night. Although a band had been warming up the crowd as people took their seats in the arena, the first 'proper' performance on what will become a world-famous stage was a group of 300 schoolchildren from Greenwich schools, who sang a number of songs, ending with a medley of Abba hits. Whilst the children were fearless and impressive, I felt a little sorry for the teacher on the piano, who faced the daunting task of adapting from school assembly to playing such a vast venue. A suitable opening for this amazing new facility, which will be a great asset to Greenwich and to London. Speaking of assets, I must mention the earlier controvery over the Council's purchase of a hospitality box. After the call-in of that decision by the 02 rebels, tighter guidelines are being produced on proper use of the facility, which is welcome. I still think the Council should have negotiated better to get AEG to foot the bill rather than Greenwich Taxpayers, but now it's there, I think the priority is to ensure as many community groups get the chance to use it as possible.

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