Tuesday, May 01, 2007

You CANNOT be serious!

I know Labour think we live in a one-party state in Greenwich, but sometimes their lack of consideration for the Opposition parties gets me very annoyed indeed. Over the last couple of years myself and my ward colleagues in Eltham North have lobbied and pressed the Council over the state of the sports facilities in Eltham Park South, including the tennis courts there. In recent months Cllr Spencer Drury and I have both asked questions in Council about the promised improvements, and when they were due to take place.

So you would have thought the Council would have been only too keen to shout about the opening of the improved facilities and held an event to mark the occasion, with those of us who had pushed for them in attendance? Well, nearly. An event took place all right, attended by the Leader of the Council, but neither I nor my fellow ward councillors were informed, letalone invited to attend. Instead the occasion was turned into a helpful photo opportunity for the increasingly desperate local Labour MP Clive Efford, who modestly takes credit for the work on his website.

We're used to being sidelined by Labour, but seeing them trying to make electoral capital out of the belated mending of sports facilities which they allowed to fall into disrepair in the first place really does take the mick. Some limited consolation can be found in the fact the photo looks as though Clive Efford is trying to club Chris Roberts round the head with his racket. We understand the urge, Clive...

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