Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shadows on the Sark

I've just returned from Greenwich where I joined the Shadow Minister for culture, Ed Vaizey MP (left of picture), for a viewing of the damage to the Cutty Sark. The Trust's chief executive Richard Doughty (on the right) showed us round, and the good news is that the ship is rather charred but otherwise looking quite good. Contrary to reports, the insurance will cover the majority of the fire's effects, but the new surveys and designs that will be needed, and the delay to the timescale are what will add to the costs. Whilst I'm sure the Trust appreciate Ed and me visiting, I was all too aware that as Conservatives in opposition locally and nationally there was little we could offer to do except keep up the pressure on those who are in a position to be of more practical help.

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David Gold said...

Well done Nigel on all you are doing to highlight the importance of the Cutty Sark, not just to Greenwich but the country. This is not a party political issue as such but it is something that politicians can influence at all levels and I hope your work will be rewarded by a full restoration as soon as possible.