Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oy - what about us?

A surprising remark from the Prime Minister at PMQs this afternoon, in response to a question about the casino licence decision, which was overturned by the Lords earlier this year. Mr Blair stated that '‘Personally I have never seen the reason why we should have Blackpool and Manchester pitted against each other…If the investment is there and able to be done let’s do both of them’.

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment, but if that's the case, surely Greenwich should also be reconsidered alongside Blackpool, as one of the two clear frontrunners? As I've said before, the extra investment that would flow from having a regional casino sited in the 02 in Greenwich would be a huge boost to this part of South East London, sparking much-needed regeneration. The Casino Advisory Panel’s contention that much of this regeneration is going ahead already is simply not true.

Given the decision Mr Blair took ten years ago to continue the commitment to the first stage of the regeneration of the Peninsula - the Dome - I am sure he of all people will see the value of using his last few weeks in office to help provide a lasting legacy for the people of Greenwich.

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