Monday, May 14, 2007


So, Tony Blair begins his 'Farewell tour' with a frantic helicopter dash around the UK trumpeting his record on education. And he began it right here in our own Greenwich, where he visited the Millenium school in North Greenwich this morning. As I wasn't cycling in today, I must have gone right past him on the bus on the way to the station, but didn't notice anything.

Gordon Brown was in my patch on Saturday, too - visiting the Shooters Hill post-16 campus with the MP Clive Efford and councillors Chris Roberts and Danny Thorpe. I also spotted Cllr John Fahy, my opposite number as Cabinet Member for Culture, on TV coverage of Brown's campaign launch on Friday. Seems that Greenwich has taken over from Camden as Labour's favourite borough for photo-ops.

On the subject of life post-Downing Street, I've just come across this pilot episode for a gentle satire about Margaret Thatcher's life in retirement with Denis, shown just after she resigned in 1990. It's hardly BAFTA-winning (and a series was not commissioned) but some great performances.

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