Thursday, May 24, 2007

All hands on deck!

The Mayor-making ceremony at the Painted Hall last night, and it was (blissfully) much shorter than last year's epic 3 hour marathon, although the Leader of the Council still managed well over 20 minutes for his 'brief' remarks on the election of the Mayor. He has turned this speech into a kind of annual 'state of the union' speech, puffing up his administration's achievements and ambitions for the year ahead. Very worthy I'm sure, but imagine sitting through a very long Labour party political broadcast and you see why it's not exactly thrilling for all of us.

One thing I was pleased to hear Cllr Roberts say was that the Council will play its 'full part' in supporting the Cutty Sark Trust as they struggle to cope with the dreadful setback of the fire. Taking him at his word, I used the reception afterwards to lobby the Cabinet Member for Olympics, Cllr Fahy, about the fact that the Council's website had no link on the front page to the Cutty Sark donations site - the least we could have done. He assured me he would get onto it, and credit where it's due, after an exchange of emails today the Greenwich Council website does now have a prominent link.

I also sounded him and senior officers out about other fundraising ideas, and their initial response was enthusiastic. As I told Cllr Fahy, I will continue putting pressure on them in public and in private to be as supportive as possible, and hopefully we can maintain a cross-party consensus on this issue, if not others. Meanwhile my facebook group in support of the fund has hit 500 members - a great result in four days.

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