Monday, April 23, 2007

On yer bike!

For the past week I've been following David Cameron's example and cycling to work most mornings. This could be dismissed as blatant sycophancy, but I don't care. I need to get fit for summer, and as the weather improves, it's a pleasant way to do it. Having first experimented with leaving my bike at London Bridge and only cycling from there to Westminster, I've now decided there should be no half-measures, and am cycling all the way from Eltham. It's not a bad route, either- through Greenwich and Southwark Parks and not too many busy roads on the rest of the way. It certainly wakes you up in the morning, and as I have a shower near my office it doesn't take too long to freshen up before beginning the day.

Having got used to the ten mile trip each day (I usually cheat on the way back by hopping on a train), I'm now entering the Mayor's charity cycle ride this Sunday, in aid of two very worthy charities. If you want to join me, or for further details, see here.

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