Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The seasonal power of Opposition...

There's not a lot we Conservatives can actually do whilst in Opposition, either in Westminster or Greenwich, to affect the way Labour choose to (mis)manage the weighty responsibilities of government. But just occasionally you can prompt a reaction from them.

So it was that at Members' Question Time last month my colleague Cllr Graeme Coombes asked the "Cabinet Member for Greener Greenwich", Cllr Rajwant Sidhu, what exactly his job entails, seeing as it doesn't appear to involve oversight of any specific Council department, budgets or staff. Cllr Sidhu, who is a nice enough chap, waxed lyrical about the worthy initiatives he is pursuing, but failed to make clear exactly who or what he is responsible for (as reported by Greenwichwatch here).

So I am delighted to see today on the front page of the Council website a "news" story that the Cabinet Member has now found gainful employment - feeding fallen leaves into a new "mulching" machine. Glad to see that the Borough's vastly resourced communications team has decided to share this with us at this time, in February. The middle of winter. But, er, don't most leaves fall in, um - autumn?

Greener Greenwich?


andrew said...

Great, Nigel. You explain in your opening sentence why so many millions of people in this country simply either can't be bothered to vote or can't bring themselves to vote Conservative.

I can hardly think of a better time to be a Conservative politician in this country. But, hey, who cares about what I think... I'm only a voter/taxpayer after all!!

Roger Thomas said...

I have this thing about leaf mulchers and blowers.

Worms have been doing the job very successfully for millions of years. Most importantly on a large scale councils emply teams to do it consuming resources time and money for no reason. Why cause all those emissions and waste money when nature can do it on her own.

Brush them off paths for H&S reasons but let the worms deal with them on the grass.