Monday, February 05, 2007

Greenwich to tax everything that moves?

Those enigmatic anti-establishmentarians over at GreenwichWatch are reporting that the Council is consulting on a plan to introduce a congestion charge zone in Greenwich. This rumour first surfaced last year, but was then unconfirmed. It now seems hired market researchers are testing two proposals, one including the Blackwall tunnel approach road and Shooters Hill Road across Blackheath (see above).
The potential impact of such a scheme on business, tourism and, most importantly, local residents will clearly be massive, and I am personally fairly horrified by the prospect. I am even more horrified as a member of the Council to be reading about it online first. Why has this plan not been discussed openly by the Council? Why does it seem the detail and not the principle are being consulted on? We need answers. Now.

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Anonymous said...

I am seriously disagree with this legalised mugging of the motorist, why should we have to pay for the failure of respective councils to keep up to date with increased traffic, they build more houses, bring more people into the area, but do nothing to improve the roads. If as i am you are elderly and wish to take your grandchildren for a day out to Greenwich it is now going to be a walk to a bus stop wait for the bus, which when it arrives is not inviting, scratched up windows etc, a long day amusing the children and then the same fight to get home again. We pay enough money to this council in council tax, on top of which we pay car tax petrol tax and various other taxes and their only answer is to ask us to pay more